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A Canadian Crew's Game Servers

Multiplayer Maps Created by A Canadian Crew Members

BorderTown FinalCreated by: Slayer(ACC)
Description:COD 4 Multiplayer
BorderTown was my first map that I had ever created for any game. This mid size map plays all stock gametype's. Plays on AWE, Extreme and ModWarfare mods. Sadly it had some bugs that I could not fix due to losing the source files. but game play is still great.
Streets Of ACCCreated by: Slayer(ACC)
Description:COD 4 Multiplayer
Streets of ACC. This Large size map plays all stock gametype's. Plays on AWE, Extreme and ModWarfare mods. A Large map with tons of buildings. Plays great for close up battles and Snipers. This is release 1 as I am working out some current bugs.
FortCreated by: BrokenToy(ACC)
Description:COD 4 Multiplayer
The Fort. This is my first map that I have built. It supports DM, TDM, DOM and S&D There is close combat as well as sniping possibilities to this map. Feel free to drop me a line to report any bugs and or suggestions.Special thanks to Slayer(ACC) for getting me hooked on mapping and to DeekCiti for his scripting help. Thanks goes to Modsonline and there resources as well.

A Poll about Battlefield 3
AnnouncementAre you ready? do you think you will play Battlefield 3 ? what are the highlights or lowlights of the game, what do you want to see in this edition of the Battlefield series.
Posted by SlayerACC on Monday, September 12 @ 08:35:23 MDT (67 reads)
(Read More... | 6 comments | Score: 3.5)
What do you think of MOH
AnnouncementWell All, We have played MOH fo a bit now.. what are your thoughts. fill us in on what you want to see.. what you think should change. Slayer.
Posted by SlayerACC on Thursday, October 28 @ 07:26:44 MDT (101 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)
AnnouncementHey A Canadian Crew, We have now move forward another step in our gaming lives. We are now affiliated with newegg.ca, newegg.com, EA Games and Logitech. With us being affiliates with these fine groups of companies we are giving the opportunity to have a percentage of every sale that comes from the links on our website back to A Canadian Crew. ACC is looking forward to seeing this be a continued great relationship.
Posted by SlayerACC on Tuesday, February 23 @ 00:00:00 MST (91 reads)
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A Canadian Crew Rock's The House
AnnouncementA Canadian Crew Rock's The House, We are rated #1 in Canada for the most popular Game Server for Call of Duty 4. We all deserve a huge applause for the great work our full membership does to make us number 1 in Canada.

Canada Rock's and we rock on with it.

Give yourselves a hand!! you deserve the best.. because we are the best.

Thanks, Slayer(ACC)
Posted by SlayerACC on Wednesday, August 06 @ 00:00:00 MDT (133 reads)
(comments? | Score: 5)
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